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07 April 2014 @ 07:52 pm
This is where I post my works in EXO fandom. I also have to apologize for the short-sighted headcanon characterization and quite recycled plots.

MASTERPOST (click the story title for better viewing)


| xiumin/luhan | r | crack | 2800~w |

"Desperate fuck calls for desperate measures aka Luhan declares hostage"

Good Lorde!
| xiumin/luhan | nc-17 | crack | 6200~w |
"Let me be your ruler. You can call me Queen B"

| xiumin/everyone, xiumin/luhan | nc-17 | smut, angst | 2200~w |
"'No, it's not promiscuity,' he says."

Error 403
| xiumin/sehun | nc-17 | smut, pwp | 4100~w |
"Minseok let himself drown to the sound of the overflowing tub..."


After You (AFF or
AO3 *soon)
| xiumin/luhan, surprised pairings | nc-17 | psychological, angst, dark |
"Luhan played symphonies of fear. Minseok sang songs of nightmare. Together, they tried to compose music of solace."